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Verkada Primary Education Solutions
Improve Student Safety on Campus with School Surveillance

Verkada Primary Education Products

With Verkada, instantly strengthen critical security infrastructure across districts. With Verkada's intelligent, plug-and-play video security system, it's simple to scale cameras and improve visibility across schools of any size. View the full Verkada Industry Solution Here

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Verkada Primary Education Solutions

Simple To Setup

Eliminate the need for NVRs or DVRs. With a single ethernet cable, Verkada cameras are brought online instantly.

Infinitely Scalable

With cloud-connected cameras, the system scales without depleting bandwidth resources.

Always Secure

With the best security enhancements that deploy automatically,systems are always up-to-date.

Verkada D50 Outdoor Dome Camera

Verkada D50 Outdoor Dome Camera

The D50 Outdoor Dome Camera is perfect for you if you’re looking for. A top of the line weather and tamper resistant camera that functions in areas with limited bandwidth and connectivity.

  • 1/2.8" Progressive CMOS Sensor
  • Maximum Resolution 2048x1536 (3MP)
  • Built-in IR Illuminators

For IT and Security Teams

With end-to-end encryption and automatic firmware updates, cameras are always secure and no complex configurations are required.

For Adminstrators

With an industry leading 10-year product warranty and free system updates, always have the latest in security without affecting forecasted budgets.

For Campus Patrol and Faculty

In emergency situations, share live feeds instantly via SMS or link and quickly get footage into the hands of first responders.

Verkada Command Center

Gain Powerful New Capabilities

View video on any device, get alerts when things aren't right - even send first responders a live camera feed via SMS.

Empowered End Users

Command, Verkada’s secure web application, provides users with remote access to a centralized platform, making it easy to address situations virtually.

Limitless Availability

Gain secure, 24/7 access to live video feeds from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Retain up to 120 days of on-camera storage.

5 Reasons Schools Are Choosing Verkada for Campus Safety

Simple to Scale and Budget Friendly

As a hybrid cloud solution, Verkada's surveillance system inherently does not require constant investments in traditional security hardware - such as local servers and NVRs - thus greatly reducing costs over the long run and simplifying scaling to multiple locations.

Native Enterprise-Level Controls

An IT director can manage unlimited users and set permissions for each user at the district, school or university campus, building site and camera level. Verkada's Command can be accessed remotely, making it easy to address almost any situation from virtually anywhere.

Modern & Intelligent Security Software

Verkada repositions the role of school surveillance - supporting rapid response, both retroactively and proactively. Retroactively, Verkada's security system helps find the right information quickly and easily. Verkada's software specifically logs when activity occurs, making it easier to review footage.

Built for Active Coordination

If an incident occurs, school IT staff can deliver live camera footage and location information directly to administrators and local law enforcement via SMS.Since shared streams are proxied and multiplexed in the cloud, they can be viewed by an unlimited amount of users.

Sustainably Secure

School security is an investment that the department of education has emphasized in the recent past, as demonstrated through the approved grants across the nation, aiming to improve school safety. Verkada is equally committed to keeping schools safe and sound by maintaining compliance with the highest security standards. All software and firmware updates for Verkada cameras are automatic to reduce management and maintenance overhead.

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