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Verkada WFH Solutions
Improve Site Safety with Remote Surveillance

Verkada WFH Solutions

Simple To Setup

Eliminate the need for NVRs or DVRs. With a single ethernet cable, Verkada cameras are brought online instantly.

Infinitely Scalable

With cloud-connected cameras, the system scales without depleting bandwidth resources.

Always Secure

With the best security enhancements that deploy automatically,systems are always up-to-date.

With hybrid cloud technology, there are no trade-offs in reliability and flexibility. Verkada offers the best in enterprise protection by delivering a solution that scales limitlessly and is virtually effortless to use. While Working from home becomes the new standard during this time, keep an eye on your business with Verkada's top of the line security systems.

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Verkada WFH Solutions

Meet Command Center

Innovative Technology

Automatic updates introduce powerful new capabilities while unlocking the potential of computer vision.

  • Free firmware and software updates
  • Get new features & functionalities
  • Receive the latest security enhancements

Verkada Solutioins Command Center
Verkada Solutioins Command Center

Verkada D50 Outdoor Dome Camera

Verkada D50 Outdoor Dome Camera

The D50 Outdoor Dome Camera is perfect for you if you’re looking for. A top of the line weather and tamper resistant camera that functions in areas with limited bandwidth and connectivity.

  • 1/2.8" Progressive CMOS Sensor
  • Maximum Resolution 2048x1536 (3MP)
  • Built-in IR Illuminators

Verkada CM61 Mini 4K Camera

Designed for clarity and fexibility, the CM61 Mini 4K instantly adds coverage while delivering an uncompromised 4K video quality experience. With its minimal form factor, this mini camera is perfect for high-traffc environments.

  • 1/1.8” Progressive CMOS Sensor
  • 4K (3840 x 2160) Image Resolution
  • Built-in IR Illuminators
Verkada CM61 Mini 4K Camera

Why Choose Verkada

Unmatched Picture Quality

Verkada’s indoor and outdoor cameras provide over 50% more detail than full 1080p HD video. With built-in infrared IR illuminators for enhanced night vision, Verkada cameras are capable of providing high resolution video quality at any time. Our cameras automatically adjust to capture HD video resolution footage with real-time playback.

Secure, Remote Access to Footage

When motion or tampering is detected, receive push notifications to remotely access live video feeds from your mobile device, browser, or using Verkada’s mobile app. Command, Verkada’s centralized management platform, provides administrators with remote viewing capabilities as well as secure footage sharing options.

Bandwidth-Friendly Cameras

With Verkada’s hybrid cloud approach, cameras have a slim bandwidth footprint of 5-20 kbps, minimizing bandwidth consumption by intelligently analyzing footage for insights while avoiding continuous video upload to the cloud. This also makes Verkada a perfect solution for remote deployments, as cameras can operate off of a single cellular modem without consuming large amounts of data.

Continuous Local Recording & Cloud Storage

Video recordings are securely stored on cameras for up to 120 days and are always accessible in the cloud. Once a Verkada camera detects tampering, it immediately begins a cloud backup and uploads HD footage of all stored footage. Even in the unlikely case that someone gets their hands on a camera, all data is fully encrypted and cannot be viewed or exported.

Flexible Viewing Angles

Verkada’s product line includes a wide range of camera types for both indoor and outdoor use. Camera options include varifocal lens with optical zoom, fixed lens, or fisheye lens suitable for any desired field of view or viewing angle.

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