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Verkada CM61 Mini 4K Camera
1/1.8" Progressive CMOS Sensor and Built-in IR Illuminators

Verkada CM61 Mini 4K Camera

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Verkada 4K Camera
  • Verkada CM61 Mini Indoor 4K Camera, 30 Days of Storage
    *Please Note: Verkada Command cloud license purchase required for each Verkada camera.
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  • Verkada CM61 Mini Indoor 4K Camera, 60 Days of Storage
    *Please Note: Verkada Command cloud license purchase required for each Verkada camera.
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  • Verkada CM61 Mini Indoor 4K Camera, 90 Days of Storage
    *Please Note: Verkada Command cloud license purchase required for each Verkada camera.
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Designed for clarity and fexibility, the CM61 Mini 4K instantly adds coverage while delivering an uncompromised 4K video quality experience. With its minimal form factor, this mini camera is perfect for high-traffc environments.

  • 1/1.8" Progressive CMOS Sensor
  • 4K (3840 x 2160) Image Resolution
  • Built-in IR Illuminators

Mini Series - Powerful video security in discreet form factors

Designed for flexibility without compromise, Verkada’s Mini Series features discreet form factors that deliver exceptional image quality. The Mini Series is comprised of two indoor models, the CM41 (5MP) and CM61 (4K). Both the CM41 and CM61 are part of Verkada’s line of hybrid cloud cameras and are ready out of the box for easy installation without any additional downloads or configurations.

With standard features like end-to-end encryption, onboard storage, and advanced motion-based insights, organizations are able to quickly scale their coverage and increase situational awareness across any number of locations.

The Mini Series cameras’ powerful processing delivers advanced computer vision features including Verkada’s People Analytics. With People Analytics, users can quickly filter people detected based on a variety of attributes, including clothing color, appearance, and facial matches. The footage is all processed directly on the camera, meaning results are nearly instant and always accessible.

Strengthen security and stremline surveillance management

  • Centralized Management - Gain visibility of all cameras with a single, easy-to-use platform
  • Smart Features - Everything you need to easily manage and monitor footage
  • Remote Access - Securely access cameras from any location, across all devices


  • Built with wall-to-wall encryption
  • 30+ days of retained video
  • Live-stream sharing
  • Works even on LTE
  • Activity-based indexing and search
  • Automatic software updates
  • Easy access controls
  • No extra plugins or additional hardware required

Key Features:

  • Discreet, small form factor for indoor coverage
  • High-resolution image quality with options for 5MP and 4K
  • Up to 365 days of onboard video retention
  • Powerful edge-based processing for motion/tamper detection and People Analytics
  • Low-bandwidth impact, only using 5-20 Kbps per camera at rest
  • 10-year warranty

Simple Setup

No need to configure VPNs, update firewalls, or reset factory-default passwords. Verkada cameras work effortlessly from the moment they leave the box.

Empowered End Users

Command, Verkada’s secure web application, provides users with remote access to a centralized platform, making it easy to address situations virtually.

Empowered End Users


Modern, Secure Architecture

In Focus

  • No NVR
  • No insecure ports
  • Full HTTPS/SSL encryption

Verkada eliminates local servers and NVRs, resulting in a system architecture that is simpler, more secure, and easier to operate and manage. Open ports-which introduce security vulnerabilities in traditional camera systems-are also omitted from our system design. Out of the box, Verkada cameras are automatically self-firewalled. This safety layer prevents unauthenticated computers on the network from sending malware packets to the camera-even in the event that an attacker or virus is present on the same physical network.

Each camera communicates only via encrypted, outbound connections, underpinning an efficient and secure architecture. Video footage that’s stored on each camera is encrypted with public key infrastructure (PKI), which prevents unauthorised access-even in the unlikely event that the camera itself falls into the wrong hands.

Verkada software is developed by U.S.-based engineers. As part of our rigorous software development lifecycle, all firmware is cryptographically signed by Verkada to ensure that only authentic firmware can be loaded onto each camera.

Verkada works exclusively with datacenter operators that meet the highest industry standards for security and privacy, including ISO 27001, SSAE16/ISAE 3402 Type II: SOC 2, and SSAE16/ISAE 3402 Type II: SOC 3 certifications.

Modern, Secure Architecture

Optimal Video Retention-30 Days & Counting...

In Focus

  • Storage for 30 days of continuous recording
  • Data at rest encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption
  • Available options to support longer retention needs

Verkada applies a tiered, differentiated approach to meet your organization’s video retention needs without hindering your local area network. Select data is securely uploaded and made readily accessible to authorised users within Command, Verkada’s secure web application. Full HD video footage is stored on the camera, which has enough storage for 30 days of continuous recording.

To maximize recording time, footage is automatically degraded to regular HD if meaningful activity is not detected. For customers with longer retention requirements, Verkada offers a number of options.

Optimal Video Retention-30 Days & Counting...

In Focus

  • 3-megapixel resolution
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • 8 infrared illuminators for night vision

Unmatched Picture Quality-Even at Night

Verkada cameras record at 3 megapixels, providing 50% more detail than 1080p full HD. We also utilize a broad color gamut and wide dynamic range (WDR) to maximize clarity throughout the entire image.

Once connected, our cameras automatically tune image parameters: exposure, iris, shutter speed, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpening, tint and temperature. These parameters are continually adjusted by Verkada’s algorithms, ensuring optimal image clarity. Each camera comes equipped with 8 infrared illuminators and a 1/2.8’’ Progressive CMOS sensor, a combination that enables unparalleled low-light camera performance-even in the dark of night.

Unmatched Picture Quality-Even at Night

Power Access Controls & Secure Remote Access

In Focus

  • Granular controls for user, site and organization
  • Time-restricted access
  • Detailed access logs

Command-Verkada’s secure web-based application-empowers administrators to easily and effectively manage access rights for their entire organization. Effortlessly restrict user access to an individual camera or location, and apply user roles to establish an access rights regime that fits your organization’s needs. Need to grant a new regional manager access to 5 office locations? Verkada makes it straightforward and painless.

Our software also makes it easy to securely share video footage with approved third parties, such as law enforcement and legal professionals. You can export footage or easily grant expiration-dated access by inviting these partners to your secure account. With Verkada, you can even remotely share a camera’s live feed in real time via SMS-a potentially life-saving feature during instances of active threats and prolonged security breaches.

Power Access Controls & Secure Remote Access

Won't Kill Your Bandwidth

In Focus

  • Works even on LTE connections
  • Doesn’t require its own high-speed network
  • Consumes as little as 20 kbit/s per camera in low-bandwidth mode

Compared to typical IP security cameras, which upload video footage continuously to the cloud, Verkada cameras have a reduced impact on the local area network. Result: Verkada cameras work even in areas where limited internet connectivity prevents cameras from other manufacturers from operating.

Won't Kill Your Bandwidth

Verkada Bandwidth Use
Operating Mode Uplink Usage Notes
Steady state camera upload 50 kbit/s (regular)
20 kbit/s (low bandwidth mode)
Camera uploads only thumbnails and select metadata
View video stream from internet 300 kbit/s (low-res stream)
1000 kbit/s (high-res stream)
User can select low- or high-res stream within Command
View video stream from the LAN2 0 kbit/s Coming soon

1 Actual performance may vary; comparison is between network cameras streaming 100% of footage to the cloud to Verkada cameras with split-path hybrid approach between on-camera solid-state storage and cloud. Read Report »
2 Contact Verkada Sales to learn more.
* Multiple simultaneous viewers do not increase local area network (LAN) bandwidth use from the camera - viewers securely access the video after it is proxied through Verkada Command’s cloud service.

Built Tough, With Backup For The Backup

In Focus

  • 2 redundant, failsafe firmware partitions
  • Camera records even in the event of network outage
  • Tamper detection & QA alerts
  • Optional cloud-backup storage available for added redundancy

Engineered with cutting-edge technology and industrial-grade materials, Verkada cameras are built to perform everywhere-and built to last. The D30 and D50 meet certification requirements for vandal resistance (IK08 and IK10, respectively); the D50 has an IP67 weatherproof rating. Uptime and reliability are ensured thanks to quality assurance (QA) alerts and tamper detection notifications, which are generated automatically by Verkada’s software.

To ensure the most secure and reliable deployments, Verkada includes redundant systems throughout each camera’s design. In the unlikely case that a scheduled automatic firmware update fails, for instance, two redundant firmware partitions ensure that the camera remains secure and operational. To enable optimal retention and an excellent user experience for administrators, Verkada cameras capture video at two different bitrates-high-definition for retention, and a bitrate optimized for speedier applications within Verkada Command. On-camera footage may optionally be fully backed up to encrypted cloud storage.

Finally, thanks to its on-camera storage, the Verkada camera will continue to record even in the event of a network outage. Paired with a continuous power solution, Verkada cameras will continue to reliably record even in the event of grid-power loss.

Built Tough, With Backup For The Backup

Video Analytics & Activity-Based Indexing

In Focus

  • Intelligent activity-based indexing & search
  • Activity-based video analyitcs
  • Map view for easy management

Thanks to cleverly designed activity-based indexing, Verkada’s software automatically scans footage and logs periods when activity occurred. Using the web interface, it’s easy to search a camera’s historical footage by selecting areas of interest within its frame. Verkada then automatically surfaces all footage where motion occurred in these areas of the grid. Find the clip you’re looking for and easily export and share. You can also use Verkada’s map- and text-based search features to quickly navigate multi-site deployments comprising many cameras.

Video Analytics & Activity-Based Indexing

Always Up To Date, Always Ahead

In Focus

  • Automated firmware and software updates
  • Access to all new features and functionality
  • No more delayed security patch updates

Say goodbye to legacy systems beset by outdated firmware and security vulnerabilities. Verkada cameras automatically receive software updates and upgrades. These updates-which include the latest security enhancements as well as new features and functionality-are made available to all Verkada software license holders via periodic scheduled maintenance windows.

Our secure, automated approach ensures seamless delivery of updates without interrupting camera operability. Result: it’s easy for administrators to stay ahead of emerging security threats while gaining access to all the latest features and industry-leading security camera capabilities.

Always Up To Date, Always Ahead


CM61 Mini Indoor 4K Camera Specifications
Image Sensor 1/1.8" Progressive CMOS
Maximum Resolution 3840 x 2160 (8MP)
Lens Type Fixed
Focus Fixed
Focal Length f = 2.8mm
Aperture F1.7
Iris Fixed
Field of View 102.3° Horizontal
55.1° Vertical
120.4° Diagonal
Day/Night IR-cut filter for day & night function
IR Range 15 m / 49 ft
LED Indicator System power and status indicator
Connectors 10/100Mb RJ-45 cable connector for Network/PoE connection
Wireless 2x2 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth
Power Input IEEE 802.3af PoE
Power Consumption 6W
Dimensions 100 x 57 mm / 3.98 x 2.24 inches
Weight 234 g / 8.25 oz
Safety Certifications IK08 vandal resistance, FCC, ICES, IEC62368
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 45°C (14°F~ 113°F)
Humidity 90%
Included Accessories Setup guide, screw pack, drill template

Command Cloud Software:

Command Cloud Software

Command PlatformGain Powerful New Capabilities

View video on any device, get alerts when things aren't right - even send first responders a live camera feed via SMS.

Empowered End Users

Command, Verkada’s secure web application, provides users with remote access to a centralized platform, making it easy to address situations virtually.

Limitless Availability

Gain secure, 24/7 access to live video feeds from your computer, tablet or mobile device. Retain up to 120 days of on-camera storage.

Command Platform

  • Always on the go
    No 3rd party plugins, thick clients or downloads required. Easily monitor cameras across all platforms.
  • Share Footage Instantly
    Reduce response time by sending links of live camera footage in a matter of seconds - via SMS or email.
  • Find What You Need
    Quickly find the footage you need with time-/date- based search and motion-based indexing.


User Permissions & Account Security

  • SAML/OAuth support for single sign-on
  • 2-factor authentication (SMS, Authenticator)
  • Detailed user access and session logs
  • Minimum password strength enforcement
  • User permissions can be controlled at camera, site and organization levels

Remote Access

  • View and manage video on any device (desktop, tablet or smartphone)
  • No 3rd party plugins, thick clients or downloads required
  • iOS native mobile app support

Video Search

  • Search by time/date
  • Motion-based indexing and search
  • Search by camera name, site
  • Single workflow for export and sharing of mp4 video clips

Bandwidth Consumption

  • No activity, no view mode: 20 kbps per camera
  • View mode (standard definition): 300 kbps per camera
  • View mode (high definition): 1,000 kbps per camera

Video Sharing

  • Create and share a link to live video stream
  • One-click thumbnail download to capture a single frame
  • Embed code generator for embedding video in webpages
  • Shared streams are proxied and multiplexed in the cloud (can be viewed by high volumes of users without impacting camera uplink usage)

UI Controls for Camera Settings

  • 3X optical zoom (3mm-9mm)
  • 30X digital zoom
  • Auto focus; manual focus controls
  • Camera orientation

Centralized Admin

  • Interactive map view of all sites and cameras
  • Editable camera metadata and network settings
  • Single view into system-wide status
  • Camera orientation

People, Vehicle and Object Detection

  • Speed up incident resolution by filtering event motion playback by people or vehicle activity.
  • Receive notifications when people or vehicle event motion enters into the camera frame. (Gets rid of false positives from non-human or vehicle activity).
  • Verkada cameras optimize bandwidth usage with people and vehicle activity in mind.

Alerts & Notifications

  • 24/7 system health monitoring
  • Offline camera alerts (SMS, email)
  • Tamper detection and alerts (SMS, email)
  • Bespoke activity-triggered alerts (contact Verkada Professional Services)

Data & Network Security

  • Encryption in transit: HTTPS/SSL
  • Encryption at rest: RSA & AES
  • Cameras make secure HTTPS outbound connections only (via Port 443)
  • No port-forwarding, no insecure RTSP streaming, no complicated VPNs, no web server configuration

Video Retention

  • On camera, solid-state storage options: 30, 60, 90 or 120 days
  • Archived video file format: mp4
  • Cloud storage of video clips included in software license - extended cloud backup available for full recordings added cost

Automatic Firmware Updates

  • Regular firmware updates: new features, security enhancements
  • Ability to select during which maintenance window to schedule updates
  • Redundant firmware partitions for failsafe updates
  • All software and firmware updates included in the cost of each license

Video Analytics

  • Activity and motion-based analytics
  • Network traffic analytics
  • System health analytics (uptime, camera online)

Live Monitoring

  • Customizable, rotating views of up to 9 cameras - view on any monitor or device
  • Support for Public View Monitor (PVM) use cases
  • View on local area network (LAN) only

APIs & Custom Integrations

  • Custom integrations assessed and supported for enterprise use cases by Verkada’s Professional Services team

People and Vehicle Counting

  • Determine the amount of people and vehicles in a given camera frame.
  • Get valuable business insights: analytics on people, vehicle count and traffic over time.

Command Platform

All-in-one cloud-based management software for Verkada security cameras

Command, Verkada’s cloud-based management software, is designed to deliver simple access and management for all cameras and users across all sites from virtually anywhere in the world. From Command, users can set up new cameras, create new sites, manage settings, access live and archived footage, manage users, and access the advanced features powered by Verkada’s edge-based analytics.

Remote Access

  • Access from any device (desktops, smartphones, tablets)
  • Native apps for iOS and Android, Apple TV, and Verkada’s VX51 Viewing Station

User Permissions & Account Security

  • SAML/OAuth support for single sign-on
  • 2-factor authentication
  • User permissions can be controlled at camera, site and organization levels

Powerful Edge-Based Analytics

  • Search footage by date, time, and motion
  • Access People and Vehicle Analytics to simplify investigations

Archiving and Sharing

  • Command licenses include unlimited cloud archiving
  • Easily export any footage in a shareable MP4 format
  • Create and share Live Links with first responders

Key Features

  • View and manage video from any device (desktop, smartphone, tablet)
  • No 3rd party plugins, thick clients, or downloads required
  • Encryption in transit and at rest
  • No port-forwarding or VPNs
  • Detailed user access and audit logs
  • Live Link sharing
  • Unlimited cloud archiving with footage exports in MP4 format
  • Alerts for offline cameras, tampering, and motion detection

Verkada’s People Analytics

Simplify and speed up investigations with intelligent people and face detection

Available across Verkada’s Mini Series, People Analytics combines intelligent edge-based video processing with computer vision in the cloud to give users high-quality images of all individuals identified in the scene. With Verkada’s centralized management platform, customers can filter people by various attributes, including date, time, appearance, clothing color, backpack detection, and facial matches.

Bring Intelligence to Investigations

Person History

  • Browse through high-resolution snapshots of people detected in frame
  • Save snapshots or easily access associated full-res video

Face Search

  • Quickly search for matching people by selecting an existing face from your organization or by uploading an image

Person of Interest Alerts

  • Automate alerts for when pre-selected individuals are detected across your organization

Cross-Camera Tracking

  • Easily find potential suspects or people of interest across all cameras deployed across all sites
  • Create and export playback of multiple angles of a person to quickly provide evidence

Attribute Filters

  • Filter based on a range of attributes, including clothing color, gender appearance, and facial matches

Investigate Anywhere

  • People Analytics is available from any device and can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world


Download the Verkada CM61 Mini Indoor Camera Datasheet (.PDF)

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Pricing Notes:

Verkada Products

Verkada 4K Camera
  • Verkada CM61 Mini Indoor 4K Camera, 30 Days of Storage
    *Please Note: Verkada Command cloud license purchase required for each Verkada camera.
    Our Price: Request a Quote
  • Verkada CM61 Mini Indoor 4K Camera, 60 Days of Storage
    *Please Note: Verkada Command cloud license purchase required for each Verkada camera.
    Our Price: Request a Quote
  • Verkada CM61 Mini Indoor 4K Camera, 90 Days of Storage
    *Please Note: Verkada Command cloud license purchase required for each Verkada camera.
    Our Price: Request a Quote
Verkada Command Cloud License
  • Verkada Command Cloud License, 1 Year
    List Price: £159.04
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  • Verkada Command Cloud License, 3 Year
    List Price: £398.79
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  • Verkada Command Cloud License, 5 Year
    List Price: £638.54
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  • Verkada Command Cloud License, 10 Year
    List Price: £1,277.89
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Verkada Accessories
  • Verkada PoE Plus (802.3at) Injector, GigE
    List Price: £103.09
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  • Verkada Mini Camera Pendant Cap Mount Kit
    List Price: £63.14
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  • Verkada Mini Camera Junction Box Mount Adapter
    List Price: £63.14
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